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As a flexible group with broad expertise, we are skilled at planning communication strategies, as well as writing, editing, and translating for marketing, business and internal communication projects.

We plan

Do you have a communication strategy that needs some focus or direction? We can help you cut through the clutter like a knife through butter.

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We write

We'll take the threads of your brief and weave them into a powerful story designed to captivate the people who matter to you, using the content that matters to them.

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We edit

Whether your material needs complete reconstruction or just a confidence boost, we can tune the style and words to make sure your values always shine through.

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We translate

We can make your material sound like it was originally written in English, while maintaining sensitivity to the specific language of your marketplace. Need multiple languages? We have the right partners.

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Do you need a strategy to help your company communicate more effectively? Are you not getting the response you need from your customers, your partners, or your employees? 

Whatever business you’re in, we’ll gladly take a look and cut through the clutter like a hot knife through butter.

We’ll point out what might confuse your stakeholders and what doesn't; what might help you achieve your business goals, and what can be done to ensure your communications are crisp, clear and consistent.


We'll take the threads of your brief and weave them into a powerful story with a style and tone designed to captivate the people who matter to you, using the content that matters to them. We inject our own brand of clarity and style to make sure your vision and values shine through in all of your English and Swedish communications.

No matter what business you're in – industrial technology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance or IT – we're likely to have the content expertise and words to craft the copy you need to develop your business. In many cases, we’ve worked on the inside. And if we haven’t, you'll find that we're fast learners.


We can fix up your text, iron out the kinks and make it sing by:

Reorganizing or rewriting text - Reshaping material from your sources to fit a new purpose or audience.
Editing - Editing  the logical flow of ideas, sentences and words. Or maybe you need many authors to sound like one voice.
Copyediting - A lighter editing touch to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice and stylistic nuances.
Proofreading - A quality check late in the game, with material that is already in a designed format and that you don’t want to mess around with too much. Besides, there isn’t much time left.

So if your material needs complete reconstruction or just a confidence boost, we can adjust the style and choice of words to make sure your vision and values shine through.


Our goal is to make your English communication seem natural, not translated.  And since we translate text for Swedish businesses and organizations across a large spectrum of industries, we’re well versed in the subtleties, nuances and specifics your internal and external communications require.

And for those very special assignments – or multiple language versions – we have additional skilled translators in our network with the right expertise for your task.

Everything you give to us will be checked by at least four eyes and two points of view to ensure quality, accuracy and style.
Who we are
Meet the team

Because we're as comfortable in t-shirts as we are in suits, we can find the words to make you sound good whether you’re a high-energy start-up or an established global company. Most of our work is for Swedish IT, industrial, financial or life science clients whose products and services are aimed at international markets. We speak the language of these sectors because we’ve had extensive experience working on the inside; so we can get straight to work without any fuss.

Bryan Mosey Drake

Bryan was formerly an equities research editor at Kaupthing Bank, and now works as a translator, editor and writer with a focus on industry and finance. His specialty is the translation of financial documents such as annual and quarterly reports, as well as prospectuses and information for investors.

Robbin Battison

Robbin has planned, written and edited for many sectors: food technology, transportation, IT, telecom, medical technology, banking, insurance and public administration. He has led teams for many years that produce content for international organizations. He currently resides in the US.

Micke Hellström Drake


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E-mail: english@battisonpartners.com

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